Fleet Street, London


I was in London visiting Panter and Hall to view an excellent exhibition of recent works by Neale Worley when I stumbled upon this view of Fleet Street towards The Strand. I hadn’t ventured this way with my paints before, and as I’d like to cover the whole of London one day, I decided to set up and paint the superb Temple Bar Monument. The play of scale between the Monument and St. Mary Le Strand worked well, and the overall hue of the scene was like the raw Sienna on my palette. It’s quiet here in terms of pedestrians, and the pavement is super wide, allowing me to set up pretty much anywhere I wanted. I opted for in front of the bins though, as I was out the way anyway, and furthermore, it gave me a nice angle down the road. Far in the distance, I could see the copper roof of a building, possibly the Australian High Commission, which was glowing bright green with sunshine. Any excuse to use the Veridien I also have on my palette is welcome indeed. Such a wonderful colour to use, just go easy with it; it’s powerful stuff!

Oil on board

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