Friday Afternoon Drawing Club – 3rd May


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At the Friday Afternoon Drawing Club, we look at drawing, in particular drawing with charcoal. There will be a live model and artists will work from a different pose each week.

Why charcoal, you might ask? Charcoal drawing offers painters a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and expand their artistic repertoire. Beyond the traditional brush and paint, charcoal provides a tactile and expressive medium that encourages experimentation, spontaneity, and a deeper understanding of light, shadow, and form. Embracing charcoal drawing as a complementary skill not only enhances technical proficiency but also fosters creative growth and versatility, empowering painters to express themselves with greater nuance and depth.

Moreover, engaging in creative pursuits like charcoal drawing isn’t just about honing technical skills; it’s about nurturing the mind and spirit. This meditative quality of art-making promotes mindfulness and relaxation, offering a much-needed respite from the stresses of everyday life.


Friday, May 3rd 1400 p.m.–1600 p.m.


The Art Room, Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St Mary’s Street, Stamford, PE9 2DL.


Wharf Road Car Park.


All skill levels, from beginners to those with more experience. If you have any specific access or support requirements, please give us a call at the time of booking to discuss your needs.


There is no age limit, but minors must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Suggested materials list:

Drawing boards and Easels are provided.

Assorted Willow Charcoal Sticks

Chalk or Chalk Pencils

Kneadable Eraser

Paper, (Toned or White)


Paper Towel

Masking Tape

Paper/Paper Pad

Please note:

The art room is on the third floor, and there is unfortunately no lift.