1st October – 14th October 2020

Online Exhibition


Back in 2019, when considering the title for my inaugural exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre I assumed that seeing my paintings hanging on the walls would not only allow me t0 display some learned skill using paint to capture reflections in puddles, windows etc, but also an opportunity to reflect on the question of ‘Where am I as a painter?’

Now it seems a lazy attempt to be clever. However in my defence, my personal journey from professional photographer to professional painter has been a fast one and although I know I have learnt an incredible amount in a relatively short period, I still feel I have a lifetime of learning ahead. ’REFLECTIONS’ became an opportunity to pause and take stock.

So much has changed since then and now that I’m curating this revised online exhibition, I’ve come to the realisation that it’s the ‘Who’ rather than the ‘Where’ that’s really important. The question has changed from ‘Where am I as a painter?’ to ‘Who am I as a painter?’

I hope many others have also had time of late to reflect positively upon their lives and now move forward in a new more fulfilling, more wholesome direction.

– Nick Grove

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