Yorkminster, York


Last year, while on a family holiday in York, I snuck out for a morning of painting. I’ve been painting in York once before and produced a similar painting to this one, but from a little further up Museum Street. I knew I was always going to come back to this spot to paint Yorkminster, however, but I had spent at least an hour wandering the cobbled streets, trying to get a better view. It transpires that there are not many views from where you can see the whole of York Cathedral, from ground level anyway. Oddly enough, even though this view does give you a terrific view of the whole thing, I wanted to emphasise the huge scale of the building by having it continue out to the top of the painting. I found a good spot amongst the traffic lights where I wouldn’t be disturbed and set about painting.

It wasn’t until the very end of the painting that I received a tap on the shoulder; it was the Tourist Liaison Officer who’d been stationed behind me and directing tourists. She had watched the whole creative process and come over to say hello. Fascinating, she kept saying, fascinating! I think we artists sometimes forget how rare it is for many people to come across an actual artist. Especially one who works from life. I think I made her day.

Oil on board

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