Nick Grove is a Midlands based artist specialising in academic portrait paintings in oil on canvas. Nick is available for commissions and offers a number of services in Oils, Charcoal, and Pencil.

My style and approach to portrait painting is particularly influenced by 17th century masters such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Velazquez to name a few.  I create my portrait paintings in a traditional chiaroscuro style using an under-painting and Grisaille, with multiple glazes layered on top over several weeks. This approach produces a very strong painting with a complete tonal range from light to dark.

I also create portrait paintings and landscapes in the ‘Alla Prima’ style. Also known as ‘au premier coup’, or ‘wet on wet’. These paintings are completed in one or two sittings and are more virile and have a freshness of colour and effect. Other methods and mediums include ‘Bistre’ under paintings, charcoal, and pencil portraits.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings and drawings. If you would like to commission a painting please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Nick Grove Artist
Charcoal Drawing -Nick Grove


Charcoal Drawing

One of the oldest art mediums – loved for it’s intense light and shade, and broad vigorous strokes.
Bistre Underpainting by Nick Grove



The “Bistre” underpainting technique, paint is applied thinly using the white of the background to reveal the light.
Alla Prima Painting



The term comes from the Italian meaning “at once”. A more virile life & freshness of colour and effect.
Academic Portrait Painting Artist



The academic portrait is classed as the highest form of Academic art, it’s the most difficult of all the disciplines to master.



The commission process is very simple and will be a relaxed and enjoyable process. My aim is to produce a painting that represents the sitter in a fitting manner and which brings pleasure to those who commissioned it.

For academic portrait paintings I like to meet the sitter for an informal preliminary discussion on what is required. You will need to consider the function, spirit, and mood of the portrait, as well as its size and the position it will hang. This will help us decide the outfit for the sitter, the location, and the price of the portrait painting.

Unlike most portrait artists I require just one sitting either at my art studio or on location for approximately 2 hours. During this time, I will take reference photographs and create preliminary sketches and drawings. I then produce a study in oil on canvas for approval and will meet with you again to make any minor adjustments and decide upon the final portrait composition.

Work will then begin on your final portrait painting, which can take from 3 to 12 months to create. Alla Prima paintings, Charcoal, and Bistre underpaintings do not require the complete process above and typically take a much shorter period to create. If you would like to discuss commissioning a painting with me, please get in contact.


Size Price
20in x 16in £375
24in x 20in £485
30in x 25in £580
36in x 28in £675
40in x 30in £750
50in x 40in £825
60in x 40in £870


Size Price
20in x 16in £750
24in x 20in £970
30in x 25in £1160
36in x 28in £1350
40in x 30in £1500
50in x 40in £1650
60in x 40in £1740


Size Price
20in x 16in £1500
24in x 20in £1950
30in x 25in £2250
36in x 28in £2600
40in x 30in £2900
50in x 40in £3200
60in x 40in £3400


Size Price
20in x 16in £6000
24in x 20in £7500
30in x 25in £9000
36in x 28in £10500
40in x 30in £12000
50in x 40in £14000
60in x 40in £15000+


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